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L’imprimante Lego

Rien de tel pour amorcer le week-end qu’une vidéo pleine de rêve et de nostalgie. En tout cas, c’est ce que m’a inspiré l’invention complètement délirante et géniale que l’on peut admirer dans cette vidéo !


Et si vous voulez en savoir un peu plus sur les deux petits génies qui ont créé ça en à peine trois semaines, lisez ce qui suit :

« Lego felt tip 110 » printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not mindstorms, I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a « wiring » board.

FAQ: Track name? « Christopher and Raphael just popper Shinichi Osawa distortion disco edit »

FAQ: How long did this take? Hard to say, maybe 3 weeks working evenings.

FAQ: Just a remake of the 1092a? No, I’d never seen the 1092a until now. However some of the parts came from a 8094 kit amongst others many years ago. It is made to my own design, but I acknolwedge influences and the great work of the official lego designers !

FAQ: Does this use mindstorms? Nope, wiring demo board + homemade analog electronics and sensors.

FAQ: DPI? Dots per inch? Approx 75 DPI

FAQ: PPM? Pages per minute? Maybe 1 is pushing it, I sped things up a little in the video editing to keep it interesting to watch 🙂

FAQ: Helvetica? Yes of course, respect to those who noticed 🙂

FAQ: Full color version/more colours? Originally I was going to do 3 colour version, but I had to simplify as only have 4 lego motors.

FAQ: Open source, schematics etc? Yes, I’ll try to get around to this soon.

FAQ: Wrote your own driver? Yes, how sad is that!!

FAQ: Are? you using some sort of MCU demo board(the black pcb)? Yes. [1] http://wiring.org.co/hardware/

FAQ: re: Mac vs PC abuse? Video not meant as a Mac advert and I’m sorry if the Apple logo offends anyone. I just find them easier to use.

FAQ: Felt tip damage drying up? Yes this is a problem, but one felt tip usually lasts for quite a few pages.

FAQ: Felt tip auto-capping? Nope, sorry.

FAQ: Sensor info: Horizontal positioning using homemade shaft encoder? (black/white rotating lego squares you see in the vid) with a SY-CR102 photo reflector from Maplins, (only £0.89 or $1.30). This is into a sampled analog input as I couldn’t get full enough saturation to trigger the ext interrupt pins. There are also push buttons built into lego bricks for left and right end stop detection.

Chapeau les artistes…

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  • Reply
    04 Juin 2010 2:09

    Oulala, je suis trop fan de cette imprimante, je la veux <3 !

  • Reply
    04 Juin 2010 9:46

    Moi qui pensais que j’était bon en lego quand j’était plus jeune …
    Fan tout simplement !

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